From the moment of its foundation in 2000 Eltemiks takes a worthy place in the field of laboratory equipment and consumables for enterprises. We offer a wide variety of analytical equipment, scales, reagents, furniture and consumables, intending for high-tech science-intensive researches and complex analytical tasks.


  • specialists of various fields who use their professionalism and experience for realization of clients’ tasks of any level
  • complex laboratory equipment, corresponding to GOST, ISO, EN, IP, DIN, UOP and ASTM
  • flexible pricing system and delivery conditions
  • developed network of regional offices. We try to be closer to our clients
  • our own warehouse where you can find thousands of popular positions. We appreciate time of our clients
  • delivery to any place in Russia or CIS countries. We cooperate with dozens of logistics companies and can offer an optimum choice

Our equipment is applied in laboratories of research centers, institutes of fundamental problems, educational institutions, phytosanitary and epidemiological control services, production enterprises and etc.


Complicated analytical equipment forms the basis of modern laboratories. We try to select equipment according to your budget and tasks, which contributes to saving money and human resources.

With the passing of time, the number of monitored parameters steadily increases, that’s why we try to offer modern solutions, which allow manufacturers, regulatory and scientific organizations to analyze products for the presence of an increasing number of controlled parameters, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in the shortest time.


  • Installation and training

The company provides professional assistance to clients in the operation of equipment, offering technical support and training. We can create a technical task for departments of procurement or logistics for participation in tenders.

  • Calibration

Supplied equipment is calibrated directly to the customer’s task, which significantly increases the accuracy of the analysis.

  • Questions of metrology

Services in the field of standardization and metrology. The equipment is presented for periodic inspections to the accredited organizations of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology «Rosstandart».

  • Guarantee

We provide service support due to our technical experts or representatives of manufacturing companies. Warranty and post-warranty repair of laboratory equipment. In case of force-majeure situations or failure of equipment we try to solve the problem in the fastest and the easiest way.

The success of our cooperation lies in the joint development of the company and clients who seek to achieve high quality of products.

Long-term joint work experience allows us to meet the expectations and requests of our clients.

We are always ready for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Always stay our loyal clients!